CommentIt Plug in

Dave Winer
Sat, 24 Nov 2001 07:20:45 -0800

FYI, "bayly.root" is pirate-ware. We've asked him many times to stop
redistributing our software with his mods, to no avail. If the past is any
guide, this is going to open the door to a complete list of all our
failures, but piracy is still wrong, and for the users, very unsafe. As you
can see these guys don't take breakage very seriously, so if you install
their software you're on your own. Dave

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> Interesting that Jim thinks it is his fault, I was about to write
> that it was mine. :-)
> I develop commentit as part of another much larger root, which
> contains among other things, manilaextras.  From time to time, Jim
> downloads or updates the  big root and extracts the relevant scripts
> and creates a new version of the commentit root. with just the plugin
> script. For this to work, I have to remember that the plug-in is
> meant to be independent  of bayly.root and Jim has to test in a way
> that finds my errors. I think we both failed in this version.
> If you're interested in other plugins and features of bayly.root, or
> if you want to use an up-to-the-minute  bleeding edge version of
> commentIt  with bug fixes and new features coming through by
> rootupdates, then you should download bayly.root, uninstall commentit
> root  (close the root and removed from user.databases) and install
> bayly.root following instructions on the my website.[1]. Then install
> commentit again
> You might wonder why we maintain 2 versions. It's partly  because I
> am blissfully ignorant of frontier on Windows and Jim is not ; and
> partly because I  already run too many plugin roots  and don't really
> see the point of a root per plugin but don't mind if other people
> want to do it that way.
> If this is more than you wanted to know, don't worry Jim will fix the
> version he looks after.
> [1] <>
> >on 24/11/01 8:47 am, thob at wrote:
> >
> >>  I tried to use this fabulous plug-in but always get
> >>  "Sorry! There was an error: Can't call the script because the name
> >>  "manilaextras" hasn't been defined."
> >>  Any idea what wnt wrong?
> >>
> >>  thomas
> >>
> >>
> >Thomas,
> >
> >Sorry about that - entirely my fault. I thought I had tested it
thoroughly -
> >but obviously not.
> >
> >Download a fresh copy and try again. Get right back to me if you have any
> >probems (e-mail at the weekend).
> >
> >All the best,
> >Jim
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