<bayly.root> is pirate-ware?

David A. Bayly Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Sat, 24 Nov 2001 17:42:11 +0000

For my response to these allegations, please see my home page 

Oh, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you too Dave.

>FYI, "bayly.root" is pirate-ware. We've asked him many times to stop
>redistributing our software with his mods, to no avail. If the past is any
>guide, this is going to open the door to a complete list of all our
>failures, but piracy is still wrong, and for the users, very unsafe. As you
>can see these guys don't take breakage very seriously, so if you install
>their software you're on your own. Dave
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>Subject: Re: CommentIt Plug in
>>  Interesting that Jim thinks it is his fault, I was about to write
>>  that it was mine. :-)
>>  I develop commentit as part of another much larger root, which
>>  contains among other things, manilaextras.  From time to time, Jim
>>  downloads or updates the  big root and extracts the relevant scripts
>>  and creates a new version of the commentit root. with just the plugin
>>  script. For this to work, I have to remember that the plug-in is
>>  meant to be independent  of bayly.root and Jim has to test in a way
>>  that finds my errors. I think we both failed in this version.
>>  If you're interested in other plugins and features of bayly.root, or
>>  if you want to use an up-to-the-minute  bleeding edge version of
>>  commentIt  with bug fixes and new features coming through by
>>  rootupdates, then you should download bayly.root, uninstall commentit
>>  root  (close the root and removed from user.databases) and install
>>  bayly.root following instructions on the my website.[1]. Then install
>>  commentit again
>>  You might wonder why we maintain 2 versions. It's partly  because I
>>  am blissfully ignorant of frontier on Windows and Jim is not ; and
>>  partly because I  already run too many plugin roots  and don't really
>>  see the point of a root per plugin but don't mind if other people
>>  want to do it that way.
>>  If this is more than you wanted to know, don't worry Jim will fix the
>>  version he looks after.
>  > [1] <http://www.baylys.com:8080/>
>>  >on 24/11/01 8:47 am, thob at thob@aon.at wrote:
>>  >
>>  >>  I tried to use this fabulous plug-in but always get
>>  >>  "Sorry! There was an error: Can't call the script because the name
>>  >>  "manilaextras" hasn't been defined."
>>  >>  Any idea what wnt wrong?
>>  >>
>>  >>  thomas
>>  >>
>>  >>
>>  >Thomas,
>>  >
>>  >Sorry about that - entirely my fault. I thought I had tested it
>thoroughly -
>>  >but obviously not.
>>  >
>>  >Download a fresh copy and try again. Get right back to me if you have any
>>  >probems (e-mail jim@glasgowwestend.co.uk at the weekend).
>>  >
>>  >All the best,
>>  >Jim
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