Changing root (top-level) site

Michael Fraase
Sun, 25 Nov 2001 21:59:28 -0600

When Frontier is installed, it makes the Create a Manila Site form the
home page and that site the root (top-level site).

I want to make a different site the root (top-level) site. For example I
have several sites defined:


I want siteOne to be the root (top-level) site. I followed the
instructions at to
remove the form completely and then deleted the createASite site. And
changed the baseDomain and canonicalSiteName to
point to siteOne.

Didn't work. When I point my browser to it should load
siteOne right? That's what I want, but I'm getting an error about can't
find a sub-table named "createASiteManilaWebsite"

How can I get to point to the ?

Thanks kindly.

Michael Fraase
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