Proxy/Firewall/WWW-Alias -> allowDirectoryListings must be true Error

Eric Soroos
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 08:19:12 -0800

> When I set "allowDirectoryListings" to true to get a round it (which I 
> do not want to do), it lists the databases as files and does not pull 
> a page

What is the entry in config.mainresponder.default?  It should be either 
a siteTree or the address the manila site you want for the default. 

It might help debugging if you enabled the echo responder by setting 
system.verbs.builtins.webserver.responders.echo.enabled to true.

> This is a major problem that seems to be very WIDE spread (which 
> is why  I would call it a bug)... just do a search on google

It's almost certainly either a configuration issue or a seriously broken 

> This is a major problem for anyone sitting behind firewalls or 
> proxys.... these are not uncommon (the error occurs behind our
> Squid Proxies and a CheckPoint Firewalls).

Your squid proxies need to be set for transparent proxying and to not 
modify the host header if I'm guessing your configuration correctly.  It's 
tricky to pull off correctly.

FWIW, with an ordinarily configured squid proxy (i.e., port 3128, 
configured in the browser) I've never seen any behavior significantly 
different than a straight browser connection. 


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