Radio and Manila directory editing

Steve Hooker
Thu, 29 Nov 2001 09:59:34 +0000

on 28/11/01 11:56 pm, Michael Fraase at wrote:

> All fine and dandy, right? Nope it saves back into Manila something like
> this:
Yes, you've done good, Sir.

> Chapter One Section One Section Two Chapter Two Section One Section
> Two
Yes, that's right. You're looking through the$xx 'interface' -- which isn't the right way to
view a directory (same with slides).

If you look through the URL or 'interface'
all will be well.

> But get this: the email confirmation looks like the Radio outline.
> And then when I try to build a page that contains the viewDirectoryBox
> macro, it doesn't display anything like the example provided (the one
> time I got it to work at all, the macro elements were displayed on the
> page with one of the directories).
Dunno, dunno where you're hosted, mate.
> I'm terribly confused and frustrated. Are there any other tutorials or
> reference materials available?
Don't be confused, just ask.

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