"There's no such thing as a dumb question"

Robert Scoble Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Thu, 4 Oct 2001 12:37:57 -0700

>1. On many browsers I get feedback that my blog requires 
>the reader to use the scroll bar to go back and forth.  
>The margins are screwed up.  I suspect this is due to the 
>size of some pictures posted, and seek confirmation of this.

Can you send us your URL? I'd like to take a look. Yes, long URLs and
big pictures will sometimes cause this to happen.

>2. On the same subject, is there a way to shrink the 
>size of pictures using the blogging software, or need 
>I do this before I post the picture?

Yeah, I shrink photos to correct size before posting them into Manila.

>3. Since there are a bunch of Radio features that are very 
>appealing, but Radio Userland seems more intended for those 
>possessed with more developed scripting skills (hey, I just write), 
>is there something along the lines of "Radio Userland for the 
>Technically Challenged" to be found?

We're working on it! Seriously, Radio is easier once you figure out the
trick. Radio has two interfaces. One is the Radio app itself. The other
is the Web site that Radio builds on your local desktop. The Web site is
much easier to use for a technically challenged weblogger (I'm one of
those too). You get to that via Radio's Tools Menu. Select "MyUserLand"
and then "View in Browser." Let me know if that helps.

>Gee, how come some blogs load in a heartbeat, and others take something
short of forever?

Server speed and load. It's luck of the draw. Unfortunately our current
system is way overloaded. We're working furiously to come up with a new
system -- more news will come on that soon. One way to get faster is to
pay a service to host your weblog. Something like
http://www.weblogger.com which charges $79.99 a year to start.

Radio, by the way, includes its own Web server. If you have a static IP
address, you can give us your IP address and we can visit your Radio
weblog running on your own machine. That really should be fast since you
probably don't have much traffic visiting at home.

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