Gems problem

Ken Dow
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:55:06 -0400

Hi Jim,

// More non-newbie technical goo follows!

>where in the process of adding/accessing a Gem is
>mainResponder.getFileMimeType called? I have added some lines to this script
>to debug the problem - but they are not being called at any point.

I was referring to Frontier's ability to _serve_ a gem properly, with 
or without a type, by falling back on the extension. I believe the 
gems code simply writes the binary to disk - 
manilaSuite.gems.createNewGem and manilaSuite.gems.writeToDisk are 
the main routines, and have no Mac type-related code.

I did notice that manilaSuite.gems.newPage, which builds the gem 
upload form, uses the #urls table to decide where to post the form, 
as follows:

	htmlText = manilaSuite.gems.newGemForm 
(pta^.urls^.editorialGems, pta^.urls^.gemPostMessage)

So you could change gemPostMessage to point to a new script, based on 
existing code, and have it set the type and creator as you see fit. 

Ken @

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