OS X Server Restart (no subject)

Seth Dillingham Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 07:58:09 -0500

On 4/1/02, Ken Dow said:

>I'm not sure if this has already been pointed out or not, but you
>need to run the port forwarding script whenever Frontier is
>restarted if you want to use port 80. You can see the script by
>jumping to userland.portforward. You can add a call to this script
>to your user menu and run it manually after every restart.
>Another approach is to make a copy of the portforward script that
>bypasses the dialog and includes the password, then put that
>script at user.callbacks.startup. It means your admin password is
>visible in a script, but it will run automatically on restart. HTH.

Actually, it only has to be run every time the computer is
restarted, not every time Frontier is restarted.

If you run it more than once between reboots, go to the terminal
window and run this:

sudo ipfw show

You'll see that there's an entry there for every time you added 80
-> 8080. When you restart, that list is cleared out.

You can have a shell script or even an applescript run  at startup
to add your port forwaring just once, and then you don't have to do
it from Frontier.