RSS XML and stuf
Tue, 16 Apr 2002 15:26:51 EDT

There's a lot of things I not understand either, but with Userland often the 
best way to learn is to try it ... create a Manila site for testing stuff, 
and expect to totally botch it up & need to create another one for testing, 
then as you see how stuff works, incorporate it into the site that has so 
much stuff you cannot afford to botch it up.

If you are an editor, select PREFs then go into the various categories.
You can hold cursor over the text or click on it where blue underlined 
question & get some information, but often there is not enough detail there 
for newbies to comprehend what is going on.

If you are an editor, you can click on HELP.
Incidentally if you are not an editor, you can get to the same help via COOL 
I think I would like a THEMES in which the HELP that editors have & the COOL 
LINKS have is over on the left column with JOIN HOME etc.  With short cuts to 
a COOL LINK then incorporate that in message # 5 you can expand the New 
Discussion Recent Discussion set to include more options, but I have not yet 
figured out how to do that for the section on HOME ABOUT or further down 
below, except thru substitute THEMES or TEMPLATES.

It is my understanding that we can have a variety of different STYLES of 
Userland sites & I have not yet seen a good write up of this, but the HELP on 
SYNDICATION said something about automated news readers & the HELP of COOL 
LINKS got me to$708

Well as I read the HELP it is like it answers some questions but I often 
looking for something else & not see it ... Oh hey I like SEARCH ... is that 
a PLUG IN that perhaps we can put on other sites, or is it a TOOL, or is this 
something that not come standard with Userland sites ... I scroll down to 
page bottom in hopes of seeing if this comes with whatever THEME but that 
info is not clear.

So I have not found an answer to your question, only suggestion that you 
spend some time browsing the Userland HELP links. (Alister Wm Macintyre) (Al Mac)