AGAIN: Named element typography elements are now hosed

Michael Fraase
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 14:06:24 -0500

Thanks very kindly David,

Your gizmo worked on an accent grave (è) but not on the right
single quote (’). The neat thing is that your gizmo does exactly
what I used to have to do by hand (back when it worked). We would do our
writing/editing in Word then use Dreamweaver to strip out all the
Microsoft style tags and then use Homesite to convert the Microsoft
typographic elements to named elements. If there's a way to get your
script to work, it would save us a bunch of tedium.

Thanks again.

Michael Fraase
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> >The default editing tool on my site is the Wizzy tool. I 
> turned it off 
> >and, indeed, the named elements now display properly.
> >
> >It's a Microsoft problem. Sigh.
> >
> >What I don't understand is why this worked (or at least I'm 
> pretty sure 
> >it did) until a short while ago.
> I've written something that might help (for those with their 
> own Manila 
> installation).
> It's a tool to use Dave Raggett's Tidy utility from Frontier.

FWIW it comes with manila callbacks for newMessage and changedMessage.

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