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Jim Byrne
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 10:31:41 +0100

on 22/4/02 4:20 pm, Bob Kemp at wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been trying to persuade static rendering to work on my site. After a
> few false starts with urls I've got a rendered site. Only problem is that
> shortcuts are not rendering correctly.
> An example: a page with url
> renders fine. But
> the shortcut is rendered as:
>  - which of
> course doesn't work. This is the case with all the shortcuts.


What filename did you give your page? I had a similar problem a good while
back when I converted a Website from the old Frontier Website Framework to
Manila. The page names on my site had capital letters - and Manila by
default created 'all lowercase' shortcuts - breaking my links. The word from
Userland at the time was that all filename shortcuts were set to lower case
in the script - I couldn't understand why this was enforced at the time -
but I see from your example that this is probably no longer the case.

I can't remember how I resolved this (not helpful eh) - but I did decide to
make sure that all new filenames were lowercase.

Have a look at David Baylys 'ManilaFixer' plugin - part of his Bayly.root
download from here: You can set
'lowerCaseFileNames' to false or true on the Static Rendering page.

Hope that helps.

> I'm guessing that the rendering process is picking up on the /DIO/ in the
> URL of my original Manila site,
> and conflating
> /DIO/standards/ into /diostandards/.

Don't understand what you mean by /DIO/?

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