Title/URL display with Radio->Manila posts

Pike, Dale Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 13:19:00 -0400

I am using Radio to post to a Manila site through the xManilaBlogger Bridge
tool, which allows me to route a single category to a single Manila site.
The key functionality I am seeking is for multiple people to be able to use
a common category within their Radio tool to post to a common Manila site
(which could be for a project, a discipline, a user's group, etc.)

I have been successful in getting the whole thing working, but the Blogger
API does not support Titles or URLs, so the posts in Manila (the site is set
up as a news site) all have "Blogger News Item" as their default title, and
no URL associated.

How can I configure Radio and Manila to work together in the way I desire?
Is there a tool similar to xManilaBlogger Bridge for the Manila RPC or
MetaWeblog API? I'm not a coder, so I am at the mercy of others when it
comes to customizing Radio/Manila.

Any suggestions?

Dale Pike