Static pages and shortcuts
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 10:20:05 +0100

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002 10:31:41 +0100, (Jim Byrne) wrote:-
>  What filename did you give your page? I had a similar problem a good while
>  back when I converted a Website from the old Frontier Website Framework to
>  Manila. The page names on my site had capital letters - and Manila by
>  default created 'all lowercase' shortcuts - breaking my links. The word from
>  Userland at the time was that all filename shortcuts were set to lower case
>  in the script - I couldn't understand why this was enforced at the time -
>  but I see from your example that this is probably no longer the case.
>  I can't remember how I resolved this (not helpful eh) - but I did decide to
>  make sure that all new filenames were lowercase.
>  Have a look at David Baylys 'ManilaFixer' plugin - part of his Bayly.root
>  download from here: You can set
>  'lowerCaseFileNames' to false or true on the Static Rendering page.

Actually, Userland declined to have Manila support the 
lowercasefilename directive for static rendering and I had to patch 
Manila to make it do so. Setting the preference is essentially a 
no-op for static sites in  Manila as shipped.

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