Static pages and shortcuts

Sam DeVore
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 08:10:19 -0700

On 4/24/02 7:57 AM, "Jim Byrne" <> wrote:

> on 24/4/02 3:46 pm, Ken Dow at Me@KenDow.Com wrote:
>> What have you configured as the url for static rendering in the Control
>> Panel? Does it end in " /dio" ?
> Ken,
> I was just thinking that myself - ensure that the URL ends with a forward
> slash.
> Also have a look in your site structure to see if all is well there. The
> directory paths should match the sites structure. If you have changed
> filenames (e.g. by making some of them lowercase)  - your shortcuts and site
> structure might now be out of synch.
> Jim
It might also be worth looking in the #ftpSite table in the staticSites
table in the #newsSite for the site in question.

Sam D
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