Linking to images from static sites

Bob Kemp
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 16:11:06 +0100

I tried the first option, and found that

<a href=""><img src="circlelogo" 
height="88" width="88" border="0" alt="DIO home page"></a>

didn't work. I assumed that was because the shortcut "circlelogo" still 
needed to be inside the html quotation marks, as in

<img src=""circlelogo"" height="88" width="88" border="0" alt="DIO home page">

  - but that didn't work either.

Any ideas?


At 03:28 PM 4/26/02 +0100, David A. Bayly wrote:
>Load it as  a picture and use a shortcut. The url would then point to your 
>dynamic site.
>Place it on disk in your webserver folder. Whatever userl you use to 
>access it normally, just enter a short cut in your website .
>mylogo  <imng src = 'htpp://; ..../images/mylogo.gif' alt = 'logo' width = 
>'123' height = '123'>   etc
>That's all
>>Hi all,
>>Thanks to your contributions I now have a working static site. I have one 
>>small problem. The dynamic site has a logo on each page which links to 
>>the home page. This .gif file resides in Frontier, and I link to it via 
>>an 'img src="' etc. in my template - possibly not the most elegant way, 
>>but it works fine.
>>In order to reproduce the dynamic setup,  where should I put the image, 
>>and how should I to link to it?
>>Thanks again,
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