Copy and Paste from Word causes problems with curly quotes and apostrophes

Al Mac
Mon, 05 Aug 2002 17:57:02 -0500

We can cut and paste from Microsoft to Clip Board then from there to Manila 
This eliminates all the weird Microsoft characters.  We also lose all our 
bolding, italics, indenting, and other nice stuff.  We could try 
experimenting saving the Microsoft Word into some other format, such as 
Rich Text Format, to see if cut and paste from there has the same garbage.

>Hello all,
>I have a problem with copying and pasting from Microsoft Word into a manilla
>site.  The curly quotes and the apostrophes get altered to a comma in the
>case of the apostrophe and a strange character for the start and ending
>I understand it's because the Frontier Server is a Mac and the client is a
>PC.  Attempts to fix this have only changed the wrong character to another
>wrong character.
>If anybody has any ideas I would be most grateful, as currently every story
>that gets pasted has to be read carefully to pick up the offending
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Al Macintyre ( via Eudora)

Driver Alert: Back to school Kids imminent (Aug 12 in Evansville 
Indiana).  This means after a lull of months without bunches of kids 
careless about crossing the street, we're going to have that again, so be 
on your toes, extra watch out.