changing appearance of header

Al Mac
Thu, 08 Aug 2002 09:00:11 -0500

If you switch to a new template theme, it wipes out most changes you had 
made to your HTML and perhaps not got the results you wanted, and not know 
how to resolve it.  So you could switch to some other theme, then switch 
back.  Of course there may have been HTML changes you made and you want to 
keep.  It might be nice if there was a way to inventory our site to 
identify all the changes vs. default so that we could do backup, switch to 
a new theme default state, review overall effect, reinstate some changes 

>Thanks, Ken, but I've guv up. I just spent four hours knocking about
>amonst the html and relateds, and just can't make it fly. I wrote to
>your colleague Erin asking to be taken off completely. It's a choice
>between wriing or learning to use a supersophisticated form of pencil.
>I've got pencils that work already. Sorry. I do appreciate the assists.
>Tom Drew

Al Macintyre ( via Eudora)

Your Screen Saver's unused CPU seconds can help find a cure for cancer.

Driver Alert: Back to school Kids imminent (Aug 12 in Evansville 
Indiana).  This means after a lull of months without bunches of kids 
careless about crossing the street, we're going to have that again, so be 
on your toes, extra watch out.