searching a Manila site {2}

Bob Raiselis
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 12:36:27 -0500

on 12/5/02, Bob Raiselis wrote:

>I've followed the instructions at
>but I can't get anything to show up in the
>table (there's meant to be a searchQueue table there, but it never
>creates one - when I created one, nothing went into it).

Ok, now I'm using the {searchThisSite (buttontext:"Search",
flThisSiteOnly:true, thisSiteOnlyCheckText:"This site only")} macro for
the search form, and it seems to work, but there is still nothing in the table. Where is the search information being
stored now?

I need to be able to go in to delete certain administrative pages from
the search index, unless there is an easier way to specify that a story
should not get indexed.