How to make the weblog more accessible

Al Mac
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 15:44:23 -0600

After applying some of the lessons of Mark Pilgrim's tutorial on making 
your site accessible to people with a variety of disabilities: blind; can't 
use hands; older people who have trouble with color combinations; stuck 
with 56 k modem (weblogs often demand bandwidth greater than available to 
ordinary users), you can have your website evaluated by a service to see 
how accessible it really is, and give you a hit list of areas in need of 
further improvement.  Here are some resources that might help with this 
Al Macintyre ( via Eudora)
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>As you are interested in accessible web site I suggest you visit Mark
>Pilgrim's site.
>  Website -
>   Weblog -
>   Weblog -
> > If you web pages is primarily aimed at people who are blind or visually
> > impaired they will thank you for providing them with a page that is simple
> > to understand; and if you have headings and links that use text describing
> > the pages that are linked to - many user will be able to summarise the 
> pages
> > using their screen reading software.
> >
> > Read this page first:
> > Then this page:
> > Then this page:
> > Then this accessible overview of the W3C guidelines:
> >
> >
> > All the best,
> > Jim