Multiple stories/headlines on same newsday?

Wed, 13 Feb 2002 15:40:25 -0600

This is a followup on a previous posting trying to do a headlines format 
(ala on the frontpage. 

I see it's possible to manipulate the News Day Template so that the 
content is cut out and use a shortcut to get to the full body text. 
However, one snag is that if any of your stories were created on the same 
day, the last to be posted to the homepage is the only one that is shown. 
(Would be nice of course to have stories organized by posting time rather 
than original written dates).

I know because it uses News Day macros that it'll likely be difficult to 
do much more with it. Any pointers or is this a "New Feature" request?


Elvin Chan
ACON-Chicago Coordinator