Several Questions

AIS - Ben Vegiard
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:21:02 -0600

Several Questions:

1) My password has been changed, and I no longer can log into one of my
sites.  At the moment, my SMTP service is having problems, so I cannot have
it mailed to me.  Is there a way to reset the password for a site using the
Frontier at the server console?
2) I have a site up with a bad template.  The reset process described in the
docs (going to sitename/resettemplate (I forget the exact address)) doesn't
work as it simply resets back to this bad template.  Can the template be
changed via another method, say (again) from the server console?  The site
is http:\\\horizon.
3) I'm still looking for an answer to "un-flip" one of my other sites.  I
slipped the page while playing around, and now have a blank story that I no
longer want.  That site is http:\\\maxscrub


Ben Vegiard