Membership problem (can't log in, can't delete)
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 23:52:37 EST

Something you might check.
I have run into this problem on other membership sites.
Perhaps there is a mis-spelling or case sensitivity.
You see my e-mail name is a play on my name 

Wheel (in tire)

I have had places that were case sensitive or that somehow got the "L" of 
Wheel in there as digit 1

Once the site gets something messed up & the end user is keying the correct 
thing ... there can be a problem.  When we have one person setup an account 
on behalf of another person there is grave risk of transcription error in 
name or e-mail.

I would say some bad words, then tell the site that I have forgotten my 
password, even though I do remember it, please send me what you have for my 
password, but it would not be sent to me because it has my e-mail address 
wrong. (Alister Wm Macintyre) (Al Mac)