Membership problem (can't log in, can't delete)

Johndan Johnson-Eilola
14 Feb 2002 20:07:02 -0500

Apologies if I've missed doc on this somewhere else (an admittedly quick
run through the Manila support site didn't solve it), but I have a
puzzling problem with a member who can't log into a site. He joined the
site and (apparently) was initially recognized as a member, but on a
subsequent attempt to log in he was told he *wasn't* a member, and that
he needed to join. 

Here's the problematic part (to me, anway): When he tries to join using
his email address, he's told that the address he's attempting  to join
under is already a member (even though if he backs out and attempts to
login, he's told that this address isn't a member).

More puzzling: If the managing editor logs in and attempts to manually
delete the student's address so we can start over fresh, we're told that
the address isn't a member (and the address doesn't show up on the
members list).

The computer he's using will allow other people to log into the same
site, so it's not (as far as I can tell) a browser configuration issue.

Any guesses?

Johndan Johnson-Eilola
Director, Eastman Kodak Center for Excellence in Communication
Associate Professor of Technical Communications
Clarkson University