Membership problem (can't log in, can't delete)
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 19:04:00 EST


Here is another dumb idea or two from a newbie.

Will your system permit a student to have more than one identity, until such 
time as you get this fixed ... like if I was a student, the group would know 
it was me if I signed on as Mac, Al.Mac, MacWheel, or a few other identities. 
 I will answer to MacAlister but not use that as a sign on.

You said that other people from the same computer network have had no trouble 
accessing things, so you not think it is network browser based.  Is THAT 
student able to access other things like your site?  There might be something 
on that computer network related to security settings on that student, or a 
conflict between that student's personal work station & getting through the 

> Mac: Thanks, but I think it's something else (although I'll have the
>  user see if the site will send him his password). In our case, though,
>  the userid isn't even showing up in the official members list on the
>  site, so I think it has to be something more complex than a password
>  problem. (Alister Wm Macintyre) (Al Mac)