Any limitations with site structure?
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 06:21:18 EST

Suggestion box for improvements to the software package.

In the Editors Only area include:

Statistics on current size of a site ... 
total disk space in Meg / Gig whatever
number of pages / messages / links / etc.
other elements that contribute to site complexity

I suspect that the number of concurrent visitors to a site & to total 
is an element of performance negativity & it might be nice if that could be 
plotted to a graph so we can see what times of day & week there is less 

Current billing arrangement ... 
some days for free then a price to be renewed how soon ... like some people 
like to see how many shopping days until next Christmas ... how many site use 
days are left before the bill comes due for renewal
some ceiling on disk space then extra price added on & how close are we to 
that threshhold

perhaps there is available for extra price some additional resource to combat 
drains on performance & perhaps we need to see if we are approaching the 
threshhold in which it would be smart for some sites to invest in such support

> Are there any limitations with the site structure?
>  I can see how this bugger could grow to unmanageable proportions in a
>  relatively short time. Does performance degrade if it gets too large?
>  How large is too large? (Alister Wm Macintyre) (Al Mac)