Any limitations with site structure?

Jim Byrne
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 13:57:56 +0000

on 24/2/02 3:37 am, Michael Fraase at wrote:

> Are there any limitations with the site structure?
> I can see how this bugger could grow to unmanageable proportions in a
> relatively short time. Does performance degrade if it gets too large?
> How large is too large?

There will come a point when you will no longer be able to edit your site
structure directly via your Web browser. There is a limit to the amount of
text that can be sent via a browser form.

At that point you could use radio to update your site structure. David Bayly
also has a Plugin that allows you to manage your site structure - it is part
of Bayly.root which you can download from here:

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