story rendering oddities

Paul Victor Novarese
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 02:53:05 -0500

I've noticed some curious differences in how manila renders
a story on its "real" page and if I include the story in 
another story with the includeMessage macro.

Eg, I have some text in a story that looks something like this:

   the quick brown fox jumped over

   the lazy dogs

(i.e. a blank line seperating two other lines of text)

When I view this story on its own in the archive 
( Manila inserts a 
<p> tag in the blank line.  If, however, the story
is included in another, no <p> tag is inserted
(so the two lines appear together in the browser).

Additionally, test inside <pre> tags is double-spaced
when included, and is single-spaced on its "real" page
(this is visible in the source as well).

I've see this behavior in MSIE6 and Mozilla 0.9.7 on WinXP
as well as lynx (which is unsurprising since the differences
are visible in the source).

Paul Victor Novarese
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