Single sign-on across Manila sites?

Scott Granneman
Sun, 13 Jan 2002 19:13:01 -0600

So I'm looking through the documentation online, and I found this at :

"The URLs settings are used only when you want to share Membership
between Manila sites. This is an advanced feature that requires Frontier
scripting of the Manila servers to make it work. Unless you have
Frontier access to both servers and an understanding of how the
Membership system works in Frontier, these URLs should not be changed."

As I understand this, if you become a member at, you can
also automatically become a member at (assuming everything
is set up correctly). I have two questions: 

1. Are Frontier scripts making this possible available anywhere? I'd
love to see them. 

2. Does the ability to share membership across sites mean single sign-on
across sites? In other words, if I sign in as a member at, & I
then head over to, am I already logged in at



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