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Mon, 14 Jan 2002 11:47:57 -0500

The answer to this problem came to me off-list from one of this list's
gurus, whom I have thanked in a separate e-mail.

By posting to the Discussion Group, and then making that discussion the home
page, we were able to create a "legal" entry with a proper date on the home
page.  So now the blog can be accessed, and all is good again.

Great to know there are "side doors" to solve these problems.

I Love Manila, Radio, and Userland!


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Here's the error message (and notice the date/time stamp):
Sorry! There was an error: Can't get the last day in the calendar because
adrcalendar doesn't point to a valid non-empty calendar structure.
The error was detected by Frontier 7.1b19 in mainResponder.respond.
Webmaster: webmaster@userland.com. Time: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 00:12:25 GMT.
Now here's what happened:

On his blog, my son chose to eliminate (as in delete) all the prior entries,
as he undertook a massive redesign to his blog.

Apparently he deleted so much that there's no more there there, and he can't
even get to the opening page to put some content there....since it seems
that there is no longer anything there, at all.

Thus comes the question: How can he get to a start point in order to start
all over again?

BTW, this occurred at about 4:45PM Eastern time, and I am posting this at
7:16PM Eastern time.  Yet when I attempted to get onto his blog from here a
few minutes ago, the date/time stamp shows it to be 12 past midnight, about
5 hours from now.

Huh?  What goes on?  Have we accidentally moved to the Bizarro planet?!?!?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.