Problem with my site.

Ben Legume
Tue, 2 Jul 2002 17:50:38 -0700

I have a problem with my manila site. I am hoping someone 
can give me some helpful advice.

My 'blog was working fine up until about 2 months ago. Due to my 
computer being stolen then, I was unable to access it until now. 
However it doesn't give me access to the 'edit' bar etc. It was doing 
something strange before however. Occasionally the computer 
would 'forget' I was a member and apparently lose the cookie or 
whatever it was which gave me access to the edit functions. The only 
way I found to re-activate my editing ability was to manually enter 
the URL of the page for editing the page (any page). I think it was 
something like$edit123. Unfortunately I had it 
written on my old computer only. Logging in via the, 
userland etc. webpage didn't seem to make any difference to my access 
to the blog edit functions.

Could someone either a) tell me what to do and/or b) advise me what 
the correct URL is for editing a weblogs page.


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