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How is it that you are creating the calendar pages. It doesn't appear to be
a standard feature of Manila. Is it a plug-in or home-grown solution? I ask
for two reasons: 1) I would like to implement a similar feature; 2) It could
affect the answer to your question.

Also, is your question "how to adjust the appearance of the calendar to
avoid the cell width distortion" or "how to adjust the functionality so that
each date does not have content but is merely a link to a list of events for
that day?"

If the former, then the answer is to force the width of each column. If the
latter, then it depends upon on how you are creating the pages to begin

Jeremy J. Tredway
Web Producer

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Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 12:29:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Wallace <>
Subject: Calander

 How can I tweak the calander so that it look and works as just that.  As
you an see on my test page it gets really distorted as soon as any events
are added.
 I understand what is happening with the table and cell.  I think a calender
with all dates linked to a list of events for that day s what I am wanting.
How do I do it???

David Wallace
Director of Instructional Technology Model Development
Webb City Public Schools
Webb City,  Missouri