Reposting Message that never showed up

Dean Landsman
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 18:32:41 -0400

This message went out a moment after my reply to Doc Searls' message...but
it never showed up in my inbox.  In the event that it got lost in the ether,
here it is again.  If it is a repeat, I apologize in advance. And btw, my
blog, which will clearly show you the problem is


Do I have to type a thousand words in my blog, now that the Pictures
facility is apparently not working?

I added a picture: "Cool Pneumonia Picture" which seems to be working just
fine until I add it to the blog.  Here is where it is:


Here's what happens --on the published page-->  [Macro error: Can't include
picture "Cool Pneumonia Picture" because Can't include picture "Cool
Pneumonia Picture" because it doesn't exist in the list of shortcuts for
this site.]

Yet when I go to Pictures, there it is.


Thanks in advance.

--Dean Landsman