"Can't read stream because the TCP connection..."

Sam DeVore Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Mon, 08 Jul 2002 16:17:16 -0700

On 7/8/02 12:07 AM, "Doc Searls" <doc@searls.com> wrote:

> I use the Radio outliner to write my Manila blog. Lately when I save,
> it usually unfailingly times out (I assume that's what happens) and
> gives me an error message that says "Can't read stream because the
> TCP connection was closed unexpectedly." Every change you see on my
> blog right now is the result of about about 10 attempted saves. Very
> frustrating.

Sounds like the same bug in the networking that bites me when trying to
upstream to a rcs host running windows.  Let me guess Doc, running os x?
Did you change anything about your network recently?

Sam D
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