pre-Newbie Questions

Peter Harbeson
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 07:10:34 -0400

Manila can run behind IIS; you essentially use the content management 
system to generate static web pages, then use IIS (or any web server) to 
serve them up.

You can remove the discussion links from the home page. (Is that what 
you mean?)

I found a way to post "future" news, but it's a bit of a hack. I stored 
my future stories in a database table, then used a script to "publish" 
them on the assigned day by moving them from my "storage" table to 
another table. I did this directly in Frontier rather than through the 
browser interface, but it seems like it would be possible to build a web 
interface. I don't think Manila includes this function out of the box.

Expiration is available by setting the number of "news days" to display 
on the home page. News items that scroll off the home page are still 
available through the calendar -- but if you put the calendar on some 
other page, those stories would be "archived" in a sense.

I can think of some "brute force" methods for limiting the size of a 
site by limiting the amount of disk storage available to the site, but I 
don't know if there's a more graceful approach.

I don't know where to find performance stats, but I built a site that 
achieved 2.3 million hits, served several gigabytes of data, and hosted 
up to 20 sub-sites over its first year, and performance never even began 
to be an issue. The database I/O appears to be quite fast.

Hope it helps.

-Pete Harbeson

On Thursday, July 18, 2002, at 05:09 AM, a.hawkins@st- wrote:

> We are evaluating Manila as a poss vehicle for our intranet. Who better 
> to
> ask than others who are already using the product.
> Some quick answers (yes/no) as to whether the following are possible 
> would
> be useful in order to make a decision (though links to more detail 
> would be
> helpful should we go ahead, which seems likely):
> Can we use Manila to :
> Import users from csv file (name, e-mail, password, group(s), bulletins
> on/off etc)(Then we can switch of join to complement
> this)
> Remove comment on page from home page. (and stories, news etc), but not
> discussion
> post 'future' news - ie future events that would show up as a link on 
> future
> days on calendar, and only appear on news list on/after that date
> 'expire' stories, news etc so it is not on view but not deleted - 
> possibly
> to make a re-appearance. Perhaps put in an archive/temp holding area
> Limit the size of a site
> Can Manila run from IIS and/or Apache, rather than its own webserver? if
> not, then from behind IIS and/or Apache? (I am presuming there is a 
> howto
> somewhere on the details)
> I am also interested in scalability/response performance - are there 
> some
> stats somewhere to tell me about this with sample site sizes/number of
> users/number of accesses etc?
> I have tried to find answers in previous postings without success - if I
> have missed anything,  I apologise - a link to the relevant question 
> would
> be appreciated.
> Many thanks in anticipation.
> Andy Hawkins
Peter Harbeson