changing default to YES for bulletins

Matt Carrico
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 12:00:49 -0800

Try adding the attribute default="true" to the "Receive email bulletins"
<item> on the Custom Prefs form of the advanced prefs page for your Manila

<item title="Receive email bulletins?" type="boolean"
adr="bulletins.home.enabled" viewByEditorsOnly="true" default="true">


> I simply want to change the default on my site so that when new members
> join the defaults are YES for "receive email bulletins" and NO for
> receiving them in HTML. I'm a bit rusty for the HTML for forms, radio
> buttons, check boxes, etc., but I don't see a place to change that in
> any of the prefs. Despite my repeated requests, I find that 50 percent
> of my new members are not checking "yes" to receiving bulletins.