Re Setting up Frontier

Douglas Wagner
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 19:46:17 +0000

Hello Jim:
Thanks for your response and suggestions.

> What do you mean by static Website creation? Do you mean the old Website
> framework or using Manila to create a site served from a static server?

I mean a set of rendered web pages which are uploaded to a server and 
then delivered to clients without modification. Is that what you mean 
when you refer to the "old website framework"? Is the new paradigm pages 
created on the fly and served on demand?

What I've been trying to establish here is whether I can set up a server 
on my workstation, and then interact with that server, using client 
software which runs on the same workstation.
The problem wouldn't exist if I had a second computer or an ISP who 
would agree to install Frontier.

My next step will be to serve test pages to colleagues who can access my 
computer at the times I am on line.

If all this sound impossibly "old fashioned" then I stand ready to be