Mystery table on the home page ... solved!

Scott Granneman
Fri, 22 Mar 2002 14:20:29 -0600

Why does this mystery table appear in my home page code?

The problem: a weird table is getting inserted into the HTML on your
home page. You haven't inserted the HTML for this table in your code.
Manila is obviously inserting it, but why? And how do we get rid of it?

The reason: if you state in your Preferences that your site is a news
site, but you don't insert the calendar into your Home Page Template,
then Manila inserts the "mystery table" into the code for the home page.

The solution: fool Manila into thinking you inserted the calendar onto
your home page. Anywhere in the Home Page Template, insert this:

<!-- \{calendar} -->

(That's an HTML comment with a calendar macro in the middle; however,
preface the calendar macro with a backslash) 

Thanks to Alan German & his co-worker for discovering this fix.

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