ANN: Manila and Radio Userland Training in Toronto

Ken Dow
Mon, 27 May 2002 12:10:26 -0400

I'm happy to announce another series of Manila courses this July in 
Toronto, along with the first session of my new "Weblogging with Radio 
Userland" course.  Complete course descriptions and online registration 
are available from

Mastering Manila - July 15,16, $850 USD
	A two day, hands-on course on designing and managing a Manila Web site.

Manila Server Administration - July 17, 18, $1050 USD
	A two day, hands-on course on installing and administering a Manila 

Weblogging with Radio Userland - July 19, $225 USD
	A one day, hands-on course on starting and working with a Radio 
Userland weblog.

Regards / Ken

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