ANN: Manila and Radio Userland Training in Toronto

John Koch
Tue, 28 May 2002 18:05:02 -0400


Just registered for Radio Userland July 19. What hotel are you staying at?



>I'm happy to announce another series of Manila courses this July in 
>Toronto, along with the first session of my new "Weblogging with 
>Radio Userland" course.  Complete course descriptions and online 
>registration are available from 
>Mastering Manila - July 15,16, $850 USD
>	A two day, hands-on course on designing and managing a Manila Web site.
>Manila Server Administration - July 17, 18, $1050 USD
>	A two day, hands-on course on installing and administering a 
>Manila server.
>Weblogging with Radio Userland - July 19, $225 USD
>	A one day, hands-on course on starting and working with a 
>Radio Userland weblog.
>Regards / Ken
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