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Wed, 6 Nov 2002 15:32:43 -0600

Very cool tool, I'd never played with that. How can I add add headers  
between links? I can't I guess unless I use multiple lists, but I'm  
only allowed 1 as a freebie and 10 as paid. (client needs many 3-5) but  
most of my links are to the client site are NOT blogs and I don't want  
to be publicly humiliated cause I used multiple lists on the same page  
to link to non-blogs.

   "..items other than blogs and that isn't in the charter. Lists of  
recently watched movies is not what this site is aiming to provide. And  
anyone caught circumventing the restrictions by signing up for another  
account will be blacklisted and more than likely publicly humiliated"

Any use I would have would NOT be to link to anybodies blog. (well,  
maybe Dave's :-)

Good solution I might like but it looks to me like using a Sherman tank  
to swat a fly.

other ideas accepted. :-)


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> Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 13:48:24 -0600
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> You sound like you MIGHT be like me.
> I want my stuff to look nice, but I do not want to do a lot of work
> massaging my links.
> I want to figure out how to do stuff that I can then show other people
> without inflicting on them as large a learning curve as I went through  
> myself.
> If you can identify with my attitude, then you might want to take a  
> look at
> what does for you, which I discussed in my Radio  
> Weblog
> yesterday
> 05.html#a426
> I have not yet succeeded in accessing which I mentioned  
> in a
> later post
> 06.html#a431
> My understanding is that the will work on just  
> about
> any weblogging software, Manila or Radio or any other Blog Software  
> provider.
> You do not need to edit your nav links.
> You get a nice interface that adds them as easily as you add favorite
> bookmarks to your browser, once you have copied their code.  This is a  
> free
> service.
>> I want to edit my nav links. I have a client who wants to add a LOT of
>> nav. links and we really need to create headers between the links. I'd
>> like to keep everything in the "Perfs-advanced-XML navigation box".  
>> The
>> tag below will get me a header but I was wondering if it were  
>> possible to
>> apply a style or a simple bold <.b> tag to the item name. Maybe I  
>> need a
>> totally different tag.
>>  <.item name="Alpha's&nbsp;Places" pagename="" />
>> oh, I'd rather not go to a graphic for menu items as I'm lazy, doing  
>> this
>> for almost nothing, and the items are sure to change. Any help is  
>> appreciated.
>> Thanks!
>> /kelly thomas
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