list of archived news?

Al Mac
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 12:31:29 -0600

Several ideas come to mind, of getting something very similar.

If you can afford to pay $200.00, Bryan Bell of probably can 
create a template just for you, that has everything you need.  He is 
obviously very prolific at dreaming up template variations.
Look at some of the different templates, where you can populate stuff down 
the side.

You could have a story called ARCHIVES which would be added to the 
discussion group or cool places links, then that story would be the actual 
links to archived news.

I posted something here recently in another thread about blogrolling link 
services.  Since then I have posted a story on my weblog that provides 
links to such places.

Most of these services are for us to be cross-linked with other weblogs, 
but if you used treating each of your archived entries as 
separate web sites, you could get pretty close to this.  It would probably 
be at the side rather than the bottom.

>I'm looking for a way to show a list of archived news items at the bottom of
>a Manila site. I have had a look on the Manila Newbies site - but have not
>came across a way of getting simple list of archived news - I don't want to
>have a calendar on the page. Any ideas or pointers?
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