Problems with

Janne Aukia
Tue, 08 Oct 2002 20:12:38 +0300


I have my blog on manilasites in For maybe one month
I've been having problems with my blog. When I post new stuff on the
homepage, it doesn't update the homepage. The updated version shows just
fine in If I log out, the updated
version shows also on the homepage. This isn't too bad, because the users
see always the most recent version, but it is quite annoying. I suspect it
has to do with update of manila or something on manilasites.

The second problem, which has been for as long is that when I press 'flip
homepage', it asks me if I wan't to flip homepage. i press ok, and it takes
me to the page, but
homepage hasn't been flipped. This happens randomly - sometimes homepage
flipping works just fine.

Has anybody had similar problems? Are there any solutions?


Janne Aukia