Adding {title} macro to date header line on Story (home page)

Thu, 5 Sep 2002 05:04:21 -1000

Can any suggestion how to add the title of my story (such as using the 
{title} macro) inside the same horizontal highlighted (colored) 
rectangle that contains the date of a Story when it is posted (using 
default theme) on the Home Page in Single Story mode?

Right now, at best I can get something that looks like:

|||||||||||| date ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

for instance, I can manipulate the HTML template to get something like 

> It Worked!
> |||||||||||| Thursday, August 29, 2002 
> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
> Congratulations and welcome to your new site.
>     * To start editing this site please log in. Your email address and 
> password are the same as the ones used to create this website.
>     * After logging in, click the Edit this Page button below to edit 
> this text. This is your home page to edit.
>     * You can change almost everything about the site, including its 
> name, appearance, membership and bulletin features. The Prefs command 
> in the Editors Only menu at the top of this page is the place to > start.
>     * Visit the Getting Started page on the Manila-Newbies site. It 
> provides an overview and introduction to the different kinds of 
> projects you can do with Manila. The Manila-Newbies site is there to 
> help you work with Manila and to learn from each other.
> * Finally, please bookmark this page. This is your website. Be sure 
> you can find it again.

It appears as if the colored rectangle containing the date inside it is 
rendered via instructions inside the the {bodyText} macro which of 
course renders a Story when placed on the Home Page ... and although a 
Home Page's Appearance preferences allow one to select (yes or no) "Do 
you want to display a title on your home page?" I can't seem to find a 
means for determining *how* to force that title to appear next to the 
date rectangular bar.

Thanks for any suggestions.