Accessibility. Low vision. Vocalization software.

Robert Scoble
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 10:54:54 -0700

>I think that the newer templates that are css driven are a 
>lot closer, too bad they fall apart in older browsers, 
>look at the movable manila 
>ones seem to validate fairly well, though there are some 
>small problems in the code that comes out of macros in manila, 
>I think a few errors are ok in my mind. But they get really close, and
they are very flexible.

I'm using Radio and I've tweaked one of the moveable themes to be very
close to validating and more accessible (and the code it generates is
very optimized for small size and quick downloads).

As soon as I'm happy with my templates I'll share them with the world.
I'd love any feedback on making them work better. is where I'm playing around.