Frontier update #0654

Scott Granneman
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 12:45:21 -0500

There's another problem with the Mozilla WYSIWYG. In every WYSIWYG out there, 
when you hit Return, a <p> is inserted. In Mozilla's, when you hit Return, a 
<br> is inserted. In order to create a paragraph, you must hit Return twice, 
which actually ends up inserting <br><br>.

This is really bad. CSS is unusable with 2 break tags, which means that all 
the CSS we carefully create for our clients is now useless.

Is there any way to turn off the Mozilla WYSIWYG? I love Mozilla -- it's my 
primary browser -- but the rich text WYSIWYG that has come out of the Mozilla 
project is pretty much useless until the proper action occurs when a user 
hits Return. Which is really too bad, because I and many others have 
complained multiple times in Bugzilla, but our pleadings have been 
systematically ignored.


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