Frontier update #0654

Jerome Camus
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 20:05:17 +0200

>There's another problem with the Mozilla WYSIWYG. In every WYSIWYG out there,
>when you hit Return, a <p> is inserted. In Mozilla's, when you hit Return, a
><br> is inserted. In order to create a paragraph, you must hit Return twice,
>which actually ends up inserting <br><br>.
>This is really bad. CSS is unusable with 2 break tags, which means that all
>the CSS we carefully create for our clients is now useless.

The CSS rendering is inexact.  Actually a hard a <br> tag is neutral 
on the CSS call : whatever was applied before is applied after the 
break tag.  A paragraph tag, on the contrary, creates the need for a 
new definition.  Breaks are actually simpler to deal with because the 
is no need to define a p class nor worry about changed rendering.

IMHO that behaviour is OK

>Is there any way to turn off the Mozilla WYSIWYG? I love Mozilla -- it's my
>primary browser -- but the rich text WYSIWYG that has come out of the Mozilla
>project is pretty much useless until the proper action occurs when a user
>hits Return.

This qualm is however 1000% valid.  I have pleaded over and over 
again to not release new features to be turned considered 
systematically on: there are many users out there with different 
levels of knowledge. not all are sysAdmins who can reason some things 

But then site managers and sysAdmins have to clean up the mess 
created by the unwitting user. Huge amounts of time, thus money, can 
be lost this way.

Will Userland PLEASE take note and act accordingly new features 
should be OFF then activated on a per site/client basis.