Shorthand in manila

Ken Dow
Mon, 3 Feb 2003 08:05:08 -0500

> One of my websites uses pwiki a PHP wiki implementation. This gives a 
> shorthand notation for generating html tags. for example three hyphens 
> on an empty line becomes a HR tag. I found some very old references on 
> the manila site about a "shorthand plugin" but that plugin seems 
> unavailable (problem reaching the download page).

> So, since the information was very old I tried typing --- on an empty 
> line in manilla and got a HR tag! I tried three asterix and the rest 
> of the line changed to bold.
> 	Are these bugs or features? If features where are they documented?

Features: Not well documented as they are a remnant from Clay Basket, 
the original Frontier Web page rendering mechanism.$1033, scroll down to 
Clay Compatibility.


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