A Comedy of Errors - Success

Nathaniel I. Cordova Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 19:04:24 -0800

Another update. The problem with the pictures was fixed after I turned off
the option to render static files, etc.

Not sure why the difficulty in the first place or what I did not do to set
it up.



On 2/16/03 6:19 AM, "Nathaniel I. Cordova" <ncordova@willamette.edu> wrote:

> Dear All:
> OK, further along the road less traveled. I went back to my site and found
> that the pictures that I tried to add where indeed added regardless of the
> error message I received. I tried it again, got the same error message, but
> went back and saw that the picture was indeed added to the site.
> However, although the picture seems to be added to the site, when I call it up
> in a story (adding the title/name in quotation marks) the picture does not
> display. All I get is the word in quotation marks.
> This is happening also in my other sites. So I guess the picture I am trying
> to load is not being added to the shortcuts because it will not display upon
> typing its name in quotation marks.  Gems and stories work fine.
> Saludos,
> N