A Comedy of Errors

James Byrne Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 21:21:34 +0000

I haven't got a solution to offer you - but it's always good to know that at
least a few people are reading your posts - so I thought I'd throw a few
suggestions at you.

Your questions are probably not what most people would call 'newbie'
standard. So the first thing I would suggest is - send your questions to the
Userlands 'user' list or the Frontier 'server' list - if you have not
already done so. Post to the former, because it's hosted by Userland   - and
I suppose as a customer you can expect some support. Post to the later,
because there are lots of smart people on it (user list can be found on
http://frontier.userland.com - server list if my memory serves me right can
be found on http://groups.yahoo.com.)

This next bit's an advertisement.
As to the image problem - if you can't get it to work - you could consider
not using the built-in image management - and just go for a more
conventional approach. Once I realised that I hardly every used an image
more than once, the advantage of Manila for images didn't look so good. So I
use Manila, along with  QuicknEasyImage (for PHP) which I've found to be,
how should I say, .... quick and easy. And, ehh, I wrote it myself
http://www.quickneasyimage.com. But don't let that put you off.

If you wait long enough: I think a well known Manila scripting junkie is
intending to release something with similar functionality to QuicknEasyImage
as a Manila plugin.

All the best,
p.s. all flames to flamehim@quickneasyimage.com

on 2/16/03 2:19 PM, Nathaniel I. Cordova at ncordova@willamette.edu wrote:

> Dear All:
> OK, further along the road less traveled. I went back to my site and found
> that the pictures that I tried to add where indeed added regardless of the
> error message I received. I tried it again, got the same error message, but
> went back and saw that the picture was indeed added to the site.
> However, although the picture seems to be added to the site, when I call it
> up in a story (adding the title/name in quotation marks) the picture does
> not display. All I get is the word in quotation marks.
> This is happening also in my other sites. So I guess the picture I am trying
> to load is not being added to the shortcuts because it will not display upon
> typing its name in quotation marks.  Gems and stories work fine.
> Saludos,
> N