Newbie Wonderings

Nathaniel I. Cordova
Thu, 09 Jan 2003 10:41:34 -0800

Dear Folks:

Yes, I've read the info on the Userland site now. Sorry to bother you all
before I checked that out. I would like to try running Frontier alongside
the Apache server, as there might be other things I want to play with there.

Perhaps I will turn Apache off while I do all the installation for Frontier,
but then when I go to turn Apache on again, I will have to specify a
different port, and that I have yet to figure out.

We'll see. In any case, I want to run Frontier and Manila sites from my Mac
in my office. This means that any sites created for students would reside in
my Mac and that student teams would require access to my machine somehow to
be able to edit their sites, no?

Hey, I promise I will read the manual today. I'm just way eager here. Let me
download and let the fun begin. : )



On 1/9/03 10:28 AM, "Don Wolff" <> wrote:

> If I remember correctly on 1/9/03 10:14 AM Nathaniel I. Cordova wrote:
>> I've heard of difficulties running Frontier alongside the Apache server, and
>> while I am brave in exploring and tinkering with tech stuff, I have only 10
>> days before classes start, so want to move quickly enough and learn as much
>> as possible about Frontier and Manila, as I can. I want to set up the
>> students early in the semester. Any  hints about Apache and Frontier?
> Should be able to run them both, but one of them won't be able to use port
> 80 (the default port for web traffic). I would think that it would be best
> to set the apache server to run over a different port, say 8080 and let
> Manila take over port 80. I would suggest switching the port for apache
> before installing Manila.
> Or you could just use your Manila install to host the departmental web site
> and turn apache off all together.
> Regards,
> -Don
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